SSC CHSL Typing Test 2020 Criteria Calculation LDC DEO Software

SSC CHSL Typing Test 2020 LDC DEO and Software. Here we are providing the criteria of typing test in SSC CHSL 2020 Examination. SCC CHSL (Combined Higher Secondary Level) 2020 examination for recruiting LDC/DEO (Lower division clerk/Data Entry Operator). Written Examination qualified candidates will be called for typing test.

SSC CHSL Typing Test 2020 Criteria LDC DEO  

SSC CHSL 2020 Typing Test Criteria

There are two posts LDC (Lower Division Clerk) and DEO (Data Entry Operator). Cut off of both posts are different and typing criteria are also different. The required typing speed for DEO is 27 wpm and for LDC is 35 wpm. The typing test will be taken by SSC on specially designed typing software. The printed passage about 350-400 words in a given time.

Candidate cleared Cut off DEO:

Applicants will be required to give a typing test for both posts (DEO and LDC). if the applicant cleared the typing test for LDC and DEO then the applicant post preference will be checked.

Candidate cleared Cut off LDC:

Applicant cleared the cut off for LDC that means the applicant not eligible to give a typing test for the DEO post.

Applicants fail in typing test:

Applicants qualify for both typing test (DEO/LDC), applicant eligible for two typing test. The post will be given as per preference. If the applicant failed in both tests then applicant will not be considered for any post. Applicants qualify for LDC, applicants eligible for the LDC typing test only.

Download Software: Click here to download Typing Master for Typing test

Typing Test Speed and Time:

DEO: 15 min (27 wpm)

LDC: 10 min (35 wpm)

SSC CHSL 2020 Typing Test Criteria:

DEO: 27 wpm (2000 Depression)

LDC: 35 wpm (1750 Depression)

The formula for finding Error % for DEO and LDC:

No. of Error/Key Depression x 100

Applicants have made 36 mistakes in the typed passage.

36/2000 X 100 = 1.8% (means you are passed in DEO typing test)

Most Important Points:

a) Backspace allowed during the typing test.

b) Applicant should not exceed the errors to a certain percentage which is fixed by SSC. The percentage error limit for both the posts is 5% to 7%.

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