SSC CGL 2017-2018 Sample Paper Guess paper| Download Here

SSC CGL 2017-2018 Sample Paper Guess paper. Here we are providing the guess paper or say sample paper for SSC CGL 2017-2018 Tier I Examination. All questions have included form previous year question papers. Candidate can easily access and read this paper for practice. Staff Selection commission has changes the exam pattern for SSC CGL 2017-2018 Examination. SSC CGL Exam 2017 Application form and notification will be issued soon. Online Application form will be available from in month of Feb 2017.

SSC CGL 2017-2018 Sample Paper Guess paper

SSC CGL 2017-2018 Sample Paper Guess paper

  1. India shares longest International border with? – Bangladesh
  2. CK Naidu trophy associated with which sports? – Cricket
  3. Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) installed in? – China
  4. Highest gallantry award of peace? – Ashok Chakra
  5. India’s first carbon free state? – Himachal Pradesh
  6. People of Indus valley used to worship? – Mother Goddess
  7. Kovvada nuclear plant proposed to be set up in? – Andhra Pradesh
  8. Polio caused due to? – poliovirus
  9. Energy travels from Sun to earth through? – radiation

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10.In IT failure of Kernel means? –This error is usually caused due to Memory or Driver incompatibility issues or corruption of system data.

  1. Barren islands is in? – Andaman Sea
  2. India’s volcano is at? – Barren island
  3. Once in a blue moon – Very Rarely
  4. Fish out of water – uncomfortable situation
  5. A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases – panacea
  6. Mahatama Gandhi Was Not Associated With? Vishwa Bharati
  7. What Measures The Temperature Of The Distant Objects? Pyrometer
  8. Who Appoints Personnel From All India Services? –President
  9. What Are Upanishad?– Hindu sacred treatises
  10. Largest Herbaria in the World – Paris, France
  11. What Is Money Market ? :Short term
  12. Who Is The Final Interpreter Of Indian Constitution?: Supreme court.
  13. Who Regulates Fixed Exchange Rate Regulation? :RBI
  14. Other Name of River Tsangpo in Tibet? Brahmaputra River
  15. The largest herbarium in India is situated at? – The Indian Botanical Garden, Kolkata, India.
  16. Davis cup is associated with the game? – Lawn Tennis
  17. How Molecules Transfer Energy When They Move From Cold Medium To Warm Medium?
  18. When Minerals From Soil Reaches To Subsoil Through Water The Process Is Known As ?
  19. Crops Are Modified Through Pollination And Other Methods To Achieve?
  20. Residuary power lies with?
  21. Indira goswami got jnanpith award in which language? – Assamese
  22. Pellagra and scurvy are caused for which vitamin deficiency – vitamin C
  23. Nanda devi peak in state – Uttarakhand
  24. Largest beach in India – Marins beach
  25. Which committee under the Estimates Committee of Parliament is also called the ‘twin-sisters’? – Public Accounts Committee
  26. Financial commisin is set up by – Article 280
  27. World bank takes monetary from
  28. Nitric acid does not react with – Pure Gold
  29. Water heater contains nichrome – (NiCr, nickel-chrome)
  30. Under which Governor General was English education first brought to India? – Lord Macaulay
  31. Gandhara art taken from
  32. Which curve shows the relationship between unemployment and rate of interest? – The Short-Run Phillips Curve
  33. Evaporation after high temperatures is followed by which kind of rainfall?
  34. Largest island in the world? – Greenland
  35. Formic acid produced by – red ants
  36. First french factory established in India at –Surat, Masulipatam
  37. Jawaharlal Nehru award in the field of – international understanding
  38. Virus in a program duplicates by the process-Programs Freezing and Duplicate Processes in Task Manager
  39. Excess production of red blood cells leads to disease – Polycythemia
  40. First chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia university – Lieutenant General Mohammad Ahmed Zaki
  41. Continental shelf- def was given. Term was to be chosen –
  42. Leading producer of cocoa – Ivory Coast, West Africa
  43. Tanka silver coin introduced by – Iltutmish
  44. Anemometer measures – wind speed
  45. Patrons of Sangam literature – Tamil Nadu Madurai
  46. Spring balance works on the principle of – gravitation pull or hooks law
  47. Which city is called as Queen of Adriatic sea – Venice
  48. Most reactive phosphorus type- white phosphorus
  49. Father of Macro Economics – J.M. Keynes
  50. Who issued silver coins – Shams-ud-din Iltutmish
  51. Zubin Mehta related to which field – music
  52. 1st commonwealth games 1930 held in country – Hamilton, Canada
  53. Ohmic conductors – Wires made of copper, iron, silver etc
  54. Continental shelf ?

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