GATE 2019 Images Resize Cropping Compression Image discrepancy

GATE 2019 uploads Images Cropping Issues. GATE 2019 Application form will be announced soon. GATE 2018 online application has available on official site of GATE 2019 web portal is user friendly and easy to ease. Here we are providing the full details about the GATE 2019 Image format, cropping, conversion and document compression. Candidate can also watch our demo video tutorials.

GATE 2019 uploads Images Cropping Issues

GATE 2019 uploads Images Cropping Issues

GATE 2017 Milestone:

Comment on post200+
Resized Images and Compression800+
Received Emails500+
Youtube Views22000

GATE 2019 uploads Images Cropping Issues || GATE 2019 discrepancy:

GATE 2019 Upload Photograph Requirement:

Draw a rectangular box of size 3 cm × 5 cm (Height x Width) on an A4 white paper. Upload a digital 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm (width x height) photograph in JPEG format with maximum resolution 480 x 640 pixel and minimum resolution 240 x 320 pixel. Photograph must be clear, digital and new otherwise form will be rejected. Photographs taken using mobile phone or selfie are not acceptable.

GATE 2019 Upload Signature Requirement:

Draw a rectangular box of size 3 cm × 5 cm (Height x Width) on an A4 white paper. Use black/blue ball pen. Upload a JPEG file of your signature of max resolution 560 x 160 pixel and min resolution 280 x 80 pixel. Candidate signature should be natural way (running hand).

GATE 2019 Upload Thumb Impression:

Upload a JPEG digital scan file of your Thumb Impression of Left Hand Thumb of max resolution 160 x 560 pixel and min resolution 80 x 280 pixel. 

  1. Please draw a rectangular box of size 3 cm × 5 cm (Height x Width) on an A4 white paper. Mark your left thumb impression within this box using a blue or black stamp pad. (Right thumb impression, if it is difficult to access the left thumb for any reason. For candidates unable to provide thumb impression for any reason, please provide impression of any finger)

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GATE 2019 Upload PDF Format:

Pdf file size must be lies between 10 kb–300 kb. Kindly scan your document then convert into jpg to pdf format. Then try to upload on online application of GATE 2019.


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Note: Watch our video demonstration of “How to fill online application of GATE 2019″/ “How to upload the image and document of GATE 2019 / “How to crop the images and document for GATE 2019”.

How to Convert JPG file into PDF File:

Scan your document (mark sheet, provisional certificate) save as in jpg format. Browse the website “” than select the option (JPG to PDF converter). Upload the jpg file and click on convert. Finally click on the download option. Check the file format; it will be converted into JPG to PDF. Same process follows for Pdf compression.

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